Lena Grossmann


Lena Grossmann (1991 in Munich) is a choreographer and visual artist (studies at AdbK München with Prof. Olaf Nicolai and studies in music composition (MA) at ZHdK Zurich with Prof. Isabel Mundry.) Based on analytic and practical observations of motion-sequences within dance, she compiles a spectrum of possibilities to approach the relationship of body and space through her artistic practice. She develops formats from various elements of choreography, stage setting, notation, composition and sculpture. Through combining visual arts and dance she is constantly researching for new languages of body, form and image. Extending her interdisciplinary thinking, Lena Grossmann keeps developing a movement-related system of notation that depicts the references between space and body. Using choreography as a structurally expanding practice she is dealing with questions about translation processes and time concepts, inviting the body to think. Lena Grossmann lives and works in Munich.

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